Midas Investments Ltd. keeps analog and virtual worlds united

Midas Investments is an international investment company. We are proud to be among the firsts to create a diversified crypto portfolio.

We invest in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, high-tech start-ups, and NFTs. We strive to build bridges between the metaverse and the analogue world, exploring and supporting the blockchain culture.

About Midas Investments

We are an international private investment company with worldwide operations. Our expertise yields consistently high returns for the owners, partners, and investors. Our focus is on supporting innovations and creating value. Guided by rigorous selection criteria, we favour high-potential projects capable of transforming people’s lives —now and in the future.

We contribute to the development of progressive and sustainable technologies to make the world a better place. With the network of investors, software developers, lawyers, financial advisers, art curators, and art galleries from all over the world, we are perfectly placed to provide you with exceptionally unique international expertise in all aspects of blockchain, VR, and NFT.

We were among the first investors in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solano, and Cordano.

We have been investing in cryptocurrencies since 2013.

We know how to create the best NFT collections in cooperation with selected curators, top state museums and international galleries.

We diversify and invest in blockchain, VR, Gaming, NFT and other digital assets.

We explore energy-efficient solutions to mitigate the blockchain energy consumption issues.

What we do


We specialise in private asset management for individual investors. We manage personal portfolios by investing in tech start-ups run by the world’s top creative visionaries, designers, and software developers. We make investment decisions based on data-driven, rigorous criteria.

Building NFT collections

We leverage our NFT expertise and create virtual art collections to increase profitability of the portfolios we manage. We know how to harness the power of NFTs to build virtual worlds that combine innovative technologies with existing analogue services.

We work closely with selected art historians and curators, consulting top national museums and international art galleries.

Developing marketplaces

We build blockchain platforms for NFT transactions. We are skilled in implementing the architecture for global and niche marketplaces. We monetise network effects on marketplaces, build solid partnerships, and create ecosystems. Our work benefits private investors and prepares the groundwork for the future metaverse.

Supporting transactions with cryptocurrencies and NFTs

We develop financial platforms that convert cryptocurrencies into fiat money. We use smart contracts to create solid frameworks for distributing funds to partners and counterparties. We are proactive in developing DeFi, tokenised private placements, and crypto trusts. We advise banks and funds on using crypto assets as collateral and escrow. Finally, we implement solutions for decentralised corporate governance. 


Our global partner network of investors, software developers, lawyers, and art curators is the foundation of our distinct and comprehensive expertise in blockchain and NFT.

Our goal is to build bridges between the metaverse and the universe. Blockchain and NFT create new ways of communication, stimulating artists to rethink their work and bring it to the digital realm. We like to think of NFT as an investment mechanism for portfolio diversification as well as a form of art that can start off your collection.

We approach each investment project with the utmost care, selecting only those that can bring about positive global transformations and boost the wealth of our investors.

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